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What is the Affiliate Partner Program

Join the TripHeist Affiliate Partner Program today, and start earning some of the most competitive commissions and bonuses around. Sign up at no cost, and start earning with TripHeist Today!

TripHeist is offering you the chance to connect your business to the fastest growing booking platform around the world.

As a TripHeist Affiliate Partner, you plug our deals right into your platform. You’ll gain access to some of the most discounted fares and bookings around. We’re continually evolving our services and reach. While maintaining a seamless experience for both user and TripHeist Affiliate Partners.

Why should I join the Affiliate Partner Program?

50$ Monthly Fees

Tripheist new affiliate program

  • $150 One-time membership fee
  • 50$ Monthly Fees
  • * 7% Profit on bookings Hotels
  • * 7% Profit on bookings Activities
  • * 7% Profit on bookings Cabs
  • * 2% Profit on bookings Flights
  • * 7% Profit on bookings Cruses
  • * 7% Profit on Cellphone Packages
  • * 7% Profit on Train tickets - Coming soon
  • * 20% Profit on Private flights - Coming soon
  • * 90% Profit on Markups
  • * Personal Web analytics
  • * Live Video customer support
  • * Bonuses on milestones
  • * Save a referral link indefinitely
  • * Very advanced dashboard
  • * Privet Label Website
  • * Extreme Liquidity in Payments
  • * 500$ payment will remain in your security wallet in case of chargebacks or cancelations
  • * A.I will post automatic deals every day under your affiliate link
  • * An independent link to download app that earns percentage of sales as long as the monthly payment is active
  • * 1% Profit from all your Team (Every individual must sell 3000$ a month so you get the 1%

Note:- 50$ Monthly Subscription Fees

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For each fare,hotel, or activity booked through your portal you will gain some of the most competitive commissions in the market. Our top partners also earn exclusive rewards.

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Online Tracking and reporting

Our dashboard will allow you to see exactly what’s happening in real time.

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We’re happy to help

Our dedicated support staff is happy to help you solve any problems you may encounter while using our services.

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Over a million properties

We have over a million competitively priced hotels and accommodations to choose from

How Trip Heist Can Be Your Partner

Tailored to your needs.

Our system ensures that all of our services can be integrated seamlessly into your brand and website.

The Choice is Yours

Choose to display the whole world or keep it centered around your region.

Track Your Profits

Our platform allows you to track and follow your earnings. We also offer performance analytics, to help give you that extra edge.

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